Assigned Seating Ticketing

Today, ticket buyers expect a range of options when purchasing their tickets. If patrons are attending an event, they don’t want to be blind to where they’re sitting or if there are “hidden fees” involved. Buyers expect to know upfront what they’re getting. This is where ticketZone comes in to give you a tailored virtual seating system for your event.


Let us build your custom event seating chart

With your venue seating map and pricing information, we can create your custom event seating chart in less than a week. We offer a quick solution to optimize your seating space virtually to give your patrons a number of seating options.


Make it come to life

Upload real venue photos from different angles so that party goers can get a feel for what the stage view will look like from their desired seats prior to buying them.


The power of customization

Creating this virtual seating system does far more than give patrons full control over their seating arrangements. It also allows the ticket sellers to

  • Assign ticket types to different venue sections
  • Set on-sale timers
  • Add custom fees
  • And even set delivery methods


Day-of event use

Using our online box office and a computer screen, you can use your customized seating chart for walk-up customers. Allow them to select their desired seat or just pick the “best available” option right on the spot. They’ll have seat assignments in no time.


We can organize your merchants

Some of our clients are using our custom vendors chart as a way to do exhibit booths at festivals. When we design a vendors chart, merchants will have instant access to see which lots are available and which ones have been sold. We can also create different tiered pricing for the higher value lots. This feature will allow you to save on labor-related time and costs, while keeping your vendors organized.


Ready to Build Your Seating Chart?

If you’re interested in enlisting us to building a custom seating chart for your event, please contact us, and one of our myZone team members will be in touch with you promptly.

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