Online Box Office

Having a robust online box office for your event will cut down on chaos when ticket holders and buyers flood your doors. An online box office can service a variety of needs, such as

  • Accommodating season ticket holders or VIPs
  • Card swipes
  • Instant ticket lookups
  • Quick verification of tickets
  • And much more!

We can support your event whether big or small, intimate or open to the masses. With the ability to access our box office software from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, you have the freedom to sell tickets anytime, anywhere. All you need is a reliable Internet connection. Our advanced box office system includes:

Ticket Sales

  • Sell tickets online and at the door of your event to increase ticket sales.

Will Call

  • Allow your customers to avoid lines with our will call service. You can find a customer’s tickets quickly using only their credit card information.


  • Our scanning systems allow you to speed through lines by scanning up to 1,500 tickets per hour, while also ensuring the legitimacy of every single ticket.


Why myZone’s system?

No matter the event size, our online box office and ticketing system has been tried and tested by clients who have a variety of needs. Our system is efficient enough to handle any of their patrons, simplifying the process of getting them through the door. And of course, we stand behind our 24/7 support. Our team can comfortably handle any questions or concerns you may have.

Sell your Tickets Online with is the fast and easy way to sell tickets online, packed with features to help you sell more tickets!


Popular Features:

– Sell tickets on Facebook
– Sell tickets from your iPhone
– Integrate seamlessly with your website
… and many [more]!