Custom Printed Event Tickets & Wristbands

At myZone Printing, we focus on providing cost effective, high-quality event tickets & wristbands for your events. Whether you’re hosting a massive festival or a highschool dance, we’ve got you covered. Our event or concert ticket printing experts are on-hand to ensure you receive top-of-the-line service and a quick turnaround time on every order. Better yet, there are no hidden production fees and we guarantee you’ll love your custom design! Check out our products below to learn more.

Trust myZone Printing for your event ticket printing needs in Vancouver, British Columbia. Call us to find out more about your options.

Our custom designed tickets are perfect for your next event. We offer same day delivery service for your convenience and include security features in our products at no extra cost. Choose among our customizable ticket stock options that come in a variety of colours. We also offer barcoded tickets for events that require the use of scanners at the door.

Design your own wristbands or choose from over 75 stock options. Our wristbands are comfortable, secure and made of the highest quality materials. Tyvek is the perfect low-cost option for nightclubs and single-day events. Impress everyone and make your brand stand out with our plastic and cloth wristbands.

Our mini tickets can be used as drink, food, or admit one tickets. We can customize these tiny tickets to suit your needs and the requirements of your event. We can even incorporate your logo into the design for a more personalized and professional look. Orders start as low as $14.95, and if that’s not good enough, first time customers can try them out for free.



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