Mobile Retargeting Is Now the Rule, Not the Exception

If you’re posting on your website with little regard for how mobile users will receive the information, then you’re way behind the 8 ball. In fact, many industry experts have proclaimed 2014 to be the year for mobile, with some reports showing up to 41% of emails being opened on mobile. We’ve been working to stay ahead of the curve by rolling out product developments that will help digital marketers learn how to navigate the mobile environment.

Our customers are primarily in the event promotions business. We’ve spend a lot of time asking them how the rise of mobile devices is shaping their mobile marketing efforts. The no. 1 concern from our customers was not about how to optimize their sites for mobile, but rather rethinking their mobile retargeting strategies on devices that are quite foreign from the traditional computer.

Those in event marketing are not simply worried about how customers are interacting with the mobile versions of their site, but rather, HOW they are actually using the sites when compared with their desktop. And they want to know the reverse, as well. Just as SEO cannot have a one-dimensional strategy, aspiring mobile marketing cannot, as well.

A Deeper Look Into Mobile Retargeting

We also know that the days of relying on multiple vendors is (gratefully) coming to an end. This is why we’ve taken an all-in-one approach to retargeting across devices. Rolling out a mobile launch isn’t just about mobile–it encompasses the entire digital marketing plan. Our goals are to help our customers

  • Collect intent signals

  • Understand them

  • Perform outreach to qualified customers when they are highly likely to take an action (share your site, buy tickets, etc.)

myZone has personified cross-device users by giving them unique IDs that define them. We are seeking to find–through these users individually–which platforms have the greatest mobile engagement. Our customers need to know where their users spend the majority of their time.

Our initial rollout seeks to solve these prominent challenges:

  • Pushing demand for more app installs on desktop audiences that steer them toward the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

  • Boost mobile sales and lead conversions by taking mobile users to mobile-optimized sites and landing pages.

  • Our platform permits our customers to reach Facebook and Twitter users in a single format for data collection, segmentation, optimization and transparent reporting.

  • We’re pushing up our customers’ reach on Facebook, since it is the most highly trafficked mobile app in America. We’re focused on mobile audience engagement Facebook Custom Audiences.

  • Twitter has a highly mobile user base that fluctuates across devices, and we are pushing for our customers to expand their reach through tailored audiences


Look Out for Our Mobile Retargeting Beta

Ready to get started on doing a kick butt mobile marketing campaign? myZone will be rolling out a limited beta soon, so check back regularly. And we are working around the clock to release this for the general public, as it’s one of many initiatives we’re rolling out to create a solid cross-device platform.


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