Waterproof Wristbands

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, you’ll need to make sure that the wristbands you use make it through all the way to the end; this means that you’ll need something that withstands rain, hail or shine. Well, we’ve got you covered. We offer a variety of different waterproof wristbands that’ll be sure to last as long as you need them, and meet your design needs as well. Read on to find out more about myZone’s range of completely waterproof wristbands and find exactly what you need.

Types of Waterproof Wristbands:

Tyvek Wristbands

waterproof wristbands

We have a full range of completely waterproof wristbands made from Tyvek. These come with a waterproof adhesive that is sure to stay on in any situation. We recommend these for any short-term water exposure, such as one-day outdoor events.

Tyvek wristbands are made from flashspun, high-density polyethylene fibers which are bonded by heat and pressure. Due to the chemical makeup of the material and the way it is produced, it allows for water vapor to pass through its fibers while blocking any liquid water. This makes it a perfect choice for any outdoor setting. Unlike paper wristbands, Tyvek wristbands won’t get damaged in the rain or in water, while remaining flexible, soft and comfortable to wear. They are 100% printable if you need a custom design, or we have over 50 great stock designs available. Check out the full range here.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event for more than one day and want greater security and peace of mind, we suggest you look at our range of cloth, vinyl and plastic wristbands. After extended hours of water exposure, Tyvek wristbands can come apart. Below you’ll find out more about our other kinds of waterproof wristbands.

Plastic and Vinyl Wristbands

plastic waterproof wristbands are great for long term use

If you need waterproof wristbands for longer periods of time, such as multi-day festivals, we suggest you check out our range of stock or custom-designed plastic wristbands. We recommend these for extended wear, as they come with a one-time locking snap. They are also some of the cheapest wristbands out there.

Our plastic wristbands are made from 100% waterproof multi-layered plastic that’s super strong and offer unbeatable durability and comfort. They come in one size (one-size-fits-all) and are super easy to put on. And, because they’re made from plastic, you can be sure they won’t tear or stretch, and that they’ll stay on the arm of whoever you put them on.

Our vinyl wristbands are made from triple-layered vinyl,  so you can be sure they’ll stand up to almost anything. We recommend them for extended wear for up to 10 days. We can also customize these wristbands for you if you have a special design, logo, or graphic that you want to get noticed.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event for multiple days/extended periods and need completely waterproof wristbands at the best price possible, then these are hard to beat for both value and quality. While you may not be able to rely on the weather forecasts on the dates of your upcoming outdoor events, you can be sure that these wristbands will make it through to the end and make it easy for you to keep track of the crowd! To check out our range of plastic wristbands, click here. For more info on vinyl wristbands, click here.

Cloth Wristbands

cloth waterproof wristbands are the most durable wristbands available and are great for extended use

If you’re looking for something that’ll really make an impression on your guests, we suggest you check out our awesome range of cloth wristbands. These completely customizable waterproof wristbands can be either woven or printed with whatever logo, graphic or design you choose.

These are by far the most comfortable wristbands and are ideal for festivals and long-term wear. They come with a secure locking tooth and are stretch resistant and tamper proof. If you want to showcase your brand in style at your next event while not sacrificing security, these are the perfect option for you.

We offer low volume shipping for our range of woven cloth wristbands (min. 100 bands), which makes them the best option for small events or conferences. Printed cloth wristbands are the top of the line , and feature a beautiful satiny smooth finish. Check out all your shipping and customization options here.

So, now that you know everything there is to know about our range of waterproof wristbands, the only thing that’s left to do is choose which best suits your needs. Happy choosing!