Drink Tickets

Need custom printed drink tickets for an upcoming event? myZone specializes in providing fast, expert drink ticket printing services for event professionals.  Our mini tickets are fully customizable; either submit your own designs or let our expert designers help you create something fresh.

Made from high-quality, medium-weight ticket stock, our mini tickets make ideal drink or food vouchers. Our drink tickets are printed using 300 DPI thermal printing. They come with full image/logo integration and custom numbering for added security, and are available in 3 colors.

Fraudsters looking to eat/drink for free at your event can easily get their hands on roll tickets either online or at a local dollar store. Our drink tickets offer a secure alternative at a low price.

They also help to seperate cash sales from pick-up, allowing you to speed up lineups at the bar and securely monitor cash/change from one location. Finally, our drink tickets also help to reduce the chance of leakage at the bar (temp staff trading cash for free drinks).

Place your order below or contact our team if you have any questions.

Drink Ticket Printing

Let one of our designers come up with the perfect custom drink ticket design for your next event, or submit something you have designed yourself. Simply click the order now button to get started!



Beer Tickets

Protect your most valuable (and tastiest) assets by getting custom printed beer tickets!  Then celebrate at the end of the night when your guests forget to redeem them before last call 😉


Wine Tickets

When you are drinking wine, everything is fine… unless of course someone counterfeits your drink tickets.  Take your bar security to the next level with custom branded wine tickets.


Beverage Tickets

Need custom printed beverage tickets?  Say goodbye to ugly generic roll tickets which can easily be copied via the dollar store.  Sell or give away complimentary beverage tickets in style…


Champagne Tickets

Treating your guests with a complimentary champagne ticket?  Make it secure… and custom!  Thermal printed champagne tickets are printed via a special process that can’t be duplicated via standard printers.


Alcoholic Beverage Tickets

Let our designers create a custom alcoholic beverage ticket for you (or design your own), to boost your brand image while increasing security at the bar.  3 Different colours to choose from, and very cost effective.


Non-alcoholic Beverage Tickets

Differentiate between alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages easily with custom designs and multiple colours to choose from.  Custom beverage tickets can ship out the same day if ordered before 11am.


Drink Ticket Custom Design Samples