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Want that premium luxury feel to your posters? Have an event or want to spread the word about something you are passionate about? myZone’s Premium Posters are an excellent option if you want to stick out amongst your competitors!

Highly customizable, our Premium Posters are very easy to put together, eye-catching, and hard to miss. Our state-of-the-art printers produce high-quality posters with striking colors that will give your designs an effortlessly luxurious look. Perfect on any surface. With 7 paper stock options and 5 different sizes to choose from, your message will dominate any wall, window, door, or bulletin board!

Choose from various paper stock options:
• Matte has a flat and shine-free finish, giving your design a smoother appearance with less glare (150 gsm)
• Glossy paper will give your poster a shiny, mirror-like coating that really makes colors pop (215 gsm)
• Premium stocks have enhanced thicknesses and can offer your designs a higher print quality (250 gsm)
• Blueback Posters offer more durability in outdoor uses as the blue backing blocks light and increases readability. Very durable and fairs well in all weather conditions.

Quick tips: poster printing design ideas
• Use colors that stand out on your walls
• Make your primary message big and bold
• Choose premium glossy cardstock for a can’t-miss shine

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Production Timelines
Rush orders can take up to 4 business days and standard up to 8 business days. Some products might take a little longer to produce and ship. If you need a rush order please send us an email to and we can give you a better ETA.

Need Your Premium Posters Designed?
If you don’t have a design for your Premium Posters, our team can create a QUICK, simple and eye-catching design. It’s a $25 design fee (unlimited revisions). Let us know in the design notes when you complete your order and we’ll get back to you with a design for approval.

Product Specs

  • 216 x 279 mm / 2554 x 3298 pixels
  • 219 x 282 mm / 2588 x 3331 pixels
  • 280 x 432 mm / 3307 x 5102 pixels
  • 286 x 438 mm / 3378 x 5173 pixels
  • Finished artwork extend to fill the full bleed area to avoid white edges around.


Available in increments of only. Price per band.

  • $0.60
  • $0.38
  • $0.29
  • $0.25
  • $0.21
  • $0.19
  • $0.18
  • $0.18
  • $0.18
  • $0.16
  • $0.16
  • $0.16
  • $0.93
  • $0.77
  • $0.53
  • $0.43
  • $0.37
  • $0.32
  • $0.30
  • $0.31
  • $0.31
  • $0.29
  • $0.27
  • $0.27
  • $0.11

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