clubZone Custom Tickets

custom tickets for events

Need custom tickets for your next event? myZone provides expert ticket printing services at the best prices in North America. We are a full service company. Simply give us the details of your ticket design and we’ll take care of the rest. If you don’t have a design in mind, let our expert designers come up with something fresh on your behalf.

Our clubZone Custom Tickets are the perfect solution for any event, including everything from sports festivals and fundraisers to night club parties. These tickets come complete with a variety of security features to protect against fraud and counterfeiting, including holographic foils, thermal printing, perforation, serial numbers, and much more.

Each ticket is custom designed for you by our expert design team and printed on the highest quality ticket stock. The simple, clean design of these tickets allows for your customizations to take center stage, making your event feel all the more professional and exclusive.

These tickets can be customized exactly like you imagined. Anything from detailed logos to complex graphics and fonts can all be integrated into their design. Available in 5 different colours, these tickets offer secure, professional admissions at an affordable price.

Starting from $37.95

Looking for barcoded event tickets? We offer high-quality barcoded products at competitive prices. Click here for more information. 

Better Quality & Security

All tickets come standard with UV security markings, holographic foils that can be customized with your logo, thermal printing, perforations, unique numbering, 300 DPI printing on high quality ticket stock, and full image/logo integration.


Same day turn-around. Orders approved by 3pm PST will be available for pick-up the same afternoon or shipped out the next morning.

clubZone Custom Ticket Samples



Ticket Quantity  Rate (in $CAD)
1-300 $37.95 flat rate
301-400 $45.50 flat rate
401- 600 $57.95 flat rate
601-1,999 10¢/ticket
2,000-2,999 0.085¢/ticket
3,000-3,999 0.075¢/ticket
4,000-4,999 0.065¢/ticket
5,000-9,999 6¢/ticket
10,000-19,999 5¢/ticket