Buck and Doe Tickets

Whether you call it a buck and doe party, stag and drag party, hen and stag party, stag and doe party, or a jack and jill party… you will need sexy custom tickets printed! While you are probably not super concerned about your closest friends creating counterfeit copies of your tickets, it still looks cool to use the same ticket stock that the largest events in North America use.

We make it super easy for you to create your original, custom stag and doe tickets. If you have a design in mind – great, if not we can come up with one for you with a little direction. Best of all, there is no charge for our custom design services!

myZone custom tickets are printed on thermal paper ticket stock, with one perforation across the bottom (good for 50/50 contests) & a snazzy looking security hologram. You can choose from 10 different colour options.

Starting from $39.95 with free ground shipping.

Better Quality & Security

We print our classic custom buck and doe tickets at 300 DPI on high quality medium weight ticket stock. All tickets include holographic foils that can be customized with your logo, thermal printing, perforations, unique numbering, and full image/logo integration


Fear not – many buck and doe events are planned last minute, and we can print your tickets fast! Orders approved by 3pm PST will be available for shipping the same afternoon.

Buck and Doe Ticket Samples

Black Jack and Jill Tickets
Purple Jack and Jill Tickets
Green Buck and Doe Tickets
Red Jack and Jill Tickets
Gold Buck and Doe Tickets
Purple Jack and Jill Tickets