Orange Wristbands

Orange Wristband Meaning

Orange wristbands are commonly used to raise awareness for specific causes and charities. They are often associated with organizations raising awareness for children’s diabetes, world hunger, cultural diversity, different types of cancer (such as leukemia and kidney), and much more.

Other types of orange bands, such as Tyvek and Plastic, are often used at events to identify special attendees such as VIPs or under-age guests.

In color psychology, orange is often associated with happiness, enthusiasm, fascination, and creativity. It is a very hot color, yet less intense than red. Being a citric color, orange is often associated with healthy foods and is symbolic of strength and endurance in heraldry.

Orange is highly visible, making it a great color for grabbing people’s attention. A blog post on Fat Rabbit Creative notes that orange is often used to symbolize activity and caution in modern society. It works very well in advertising and marketing campaigns, especially when paired with strong contrasting colors such as white, blue, and purple.

More Orange Wristbands

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