Purple Wristbands

Purple Wristband Meaning

Purple wristbands can have a variety of meanings. Purple wristbands are most commonly associated with organizations raising awareness for different causes, including Alzheimer’s disease, animal abuse, domestic violence, and various cancers.

The colour purple on its own also has a variety of meanings. According to Bourne Creative, it is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. It is also said to represent mystery, wisdom, and creativity.

It is interesting to note that purple retains both warm and cool properties as it is made by mixing both warm and cold colors. Lighter variations of purple are often seen to be more romantic and floral, while dark purple variations are dignified and bold.

Purple can be a difficult color to work with when designing wristbands or other promotional material. We suggest using it sparingly or with strong contrasting colors like yellow, white, green, or red.

More Purple Wristbands

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