Red Wristbands

Red Wristband Meaning

Red wristbands are used for a variety of purposes and red commonly appears in promotional material. Being the longest wavelength visible to the human eye, it often appears physically closer than it is. This makes it very attention-grabbing and explains why various brands (such as Coca Cola and Youtube) use it in their logos.

Red is also thought to be a bold, stimulating, and youthful colour. It represents energy, passion, and confidence, and should be used accordingly. It is also the principle warm colour in the colour wheel and is said to provoke appetite, which explains why it is commonly used in advertising for restaurants and food products.

Red silicone wristbands are very popular at fundraisers and for raising awareness. They are used by numerous organizations to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS, blood donation, diabetes, and much more.

Red is used frequently in design and works best when paired with complimentary colours like green, or other natural colours like orange and yellow. If you’re looking to create strong contrast, we also recommend using a red wristband together with white text or logos.

More Red Wristbands

Unfortunately we do not stock all kinds of wristbands. If you’re looking for red sweatbands or rubber bands, use the links below to order from respected online retailers:

  1. Red rubber bands at Office Depot.
  2. Red terry cloth bands at Ebay.