White Wristbands

White Wristband Meaning

White wristbands have various meanings. They are most commonly associated with a movement to end world poverty started by Make Poverty History. One, an American organization advocating for the end of poverty and disease in Africa, also uses white wristbands to raise awareness of its cause.

According to Colour Wheel Pro, the color white is also associated with light, purity, and innocence. White can represent a successful new beginning and is also used to depict faith in heraldry.

Advertising campaigns often use white to reflect simplicity. Apple, for example, often uses white backgrounds in its video commercials. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies also use white in advertising to reflect sterility and cleanliness.

Hospitals often used color-coded bands to identify their patients, and they often use white wristbands as standard patient ID bracelets.

More White Wristbands

Unfortunately, we do not stock all kinds of white wristbands at myZone. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, use the links below to find a variety of other white band types through trusted retailers.

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