Wristbands FAQ

  • Q:  Production Times - How long do wristbands take?

    These are the standard production times required for custom orders, rush orders may be possible, but it is subject to production availability. If you think you may need a rush order, please email us the type of wristband, quantity, your postal or zip code and the date in which you need them by and we will see if we can do it! Talk to us at printing@myzone.com

    Tyvek: Custom tyvek orders generally require 3-4 business days production time before shipping, large volume orders may take a bit longer, and small orders may print sooner based on our production schedule.

    Plastic: Custom plastic bands require 7 business days production time before shipping.

    Vinyl: Custom vinyl bands require 10 business days production time before shipping.

    Cloth: Woven and Printed cloth bands take 10-17 business days production time before shipping.

    Silicone Bands:

    Imprinted Silicone require 5 business days before shipping.

    Debossed Silicone take 10 business days before shipping.

    Debossed with fill Silicone take 15 business days before shipping.

  • Q:  How much does shipping cost?

    For tyvek, plastic, vinyl, silicone and cloth wristbands, please email printing@myzone.com  with the number of wristbands, type of wristbands, and the shipping postal or zip code. 

  • Q:  How much does it cost to have a custom imprint?


    There is a custom imprint plate of $35/imprint.  All plates are kept on file and any subsequent orders of the same imprint are charged a $12 reprint charge

    Plastic and Vinyl:
    There is a custom imprint plate of $45/imprint.  All plates are kept on file and any subsequent orders of the same imprint are charged a $22 reprint charge

    There are no plates or setup cost!  The price per band includes your custom design for printed cloth wristband and up to 8 colour threads for woven wristbands.

    Silicone (Debossed) – Mold Fee is $50.00.

    Silicone (Debossed with 1 colour fill): Mold fee is $55.00

    Silicone (Imprinted): Flat printed and plate fee is per ink color: $45.00

  • Q:  How does printing work? What color ink can I print in?

    For orders under 10,000, the imprint is only available in black ink, The plate fee for tyvek bands is $35.00, we can keep the plate on file for future re-orders at $12.00..  For orders over 10,000 with multi-coloured imprint, please contact printing@myzone.com for a custom quote. 

    Custom imprints can be various colours.  For multicolor imprints there is a $45.00 plate charge for each ink colour used on the band.  

    Custom imprints can be various colors.  For multicolor imprints there is a $45.00 plate charge for each ink colour used on the band. Custom vinyl bands require 10 business days of production before shipping.

    Woven – There is a list of colored threads you can choose from or we can PMS color match at no extra charge! Up to 8 color threads available.

    Printed – There is no limit on colors or designs! You can send over your artwork and it will be printed exactly as you see it.

    Debossed – Mold Fee is $50.00, Text and basic logos are indented into the wristband (3D depression imprint), 1/2″ wide, 100% Silicone,  Latex free, child safe! Minimum order is 100 (per size), Imprint cannot wrap around entire band, space needed in middle for production purposes.

    Imprinted – Plate fee is $45.00 per colour (4 colour maximum), Logos and graphics printed directly onto the wristbands. – flat design, Imprint guaranteed for 1 month of wear, 1/2″ wide, 100% Silicone,  Latex free, child safe! Minimum order is 100 (per size).

    Debossed with 1 colour fill – Mold fee is $55.00, Text and basic logos indented into the wristband with one color fill. Designs can wrap around the entire band with no issues. 1/2″ wide, 100% Silicone,  Latex free, child safe! Minimum order is 100 (per size).

  • Q:  Can I include graphics and text on the same wristband?

    Absolutely! For all wristbands types both text and graphics can be included. Graphics or logos should be clear, and feature solid colors (no shading or fading) for the best results. We may ask for a different version or a single colour version if we have any issues. 

  • Q:  What format do you require the graphics in?

    ART Requirements for all wristbands: We accept the following file formats; Adobe Illustrator (.ai), PDF (.pdf), Tiff (.tif),  PSD (.psd), JPeg (.jpg).  Images may not be copied from the internet due to low resolution. Artwork must have a resolution of no less than 300 dpi. If type or font is included in the artwork, please make sure it is outlined or embedded as we may not have the font you have used.

    Unsure about your art or logo? Send it to us to have a look! Let us know which type of wristband you are interested in, and attach your graphics, we can take a peek and let you know! printing@myzone.com

  • Q:  What size are the wristbands?

    Tyvek 3/4″: .75” x 10”

    Tyvek 1″: 1″ x 10″
    Plastic: .625” x 10”
    Vinyl: .75″ x 10″
    Cloth: .59” x 13.77”
    Silicone: 1/2″ wide – Standard size: 202mm Youth size: 180mm
    Tyvek Full Color 3/4″: .75″ x 11″
    Tyvek Full Color 1″: 1″ x 11″




  • Q:  Can stock patterned wristbands come in different background colors?

    Unfortunately no, they are pre-printed and ready only in stock in the colors shown to allow for the fastest turnaround time for shipping.

  • Q:  I need wristbands ASAP! Can this happen?

    Rush custom orders are sometimes possible based on production availability. Please email printing@myzone.com including when you require them by, which wristband type you are interested in and the total number. Stock orders can ship out really fast, just please let us know and choose the appropriate shipping method. Remember, If you need them fast, Ground shipping likely isn’t the best choice! 🙂

  • Q:  Do you ship outside of North America?

    Not at this time, but we are hoping to be able to offer wider shipping options in the future.

  • Q:  Which wristbands are the most secure?

    The following wristbands are secure:

    Tyvek wristbands are tear resistant and feature tamper resistant adhesive.

    Plastic and Vinyl wristbands can only be removed when cut off with scissors, they can’t be removed by pulling off when secured correctly to a wrist.

    Cloth wristbands with the tamper proof security closure are, once slid up a wrist the closure will not move back down.


    Silicone wristbands are not recommended as a form of security.

  • Q:  Can the wristbands be worn in the water?

    Yes, all can be worn in water.  Tyvek wristbands have a waterproof adhesive and are guaranteed to stay on in the water. The colors and imprints will not bleed when wet.  Plastic, Vinyl, Silicone and Cloth wristbands are waterproof!

    Any other questions please contact us.

  • Q:  What is the difference between Custom Tyvek and Full Color Tyvek wristbands?

    With Custom Tyvek Wristbands (in 3/4″ or 1″) the ink can only be black for orders below 10,000, and there is a plate fee of $35.00 to set up. With Full Color Custom Tyvek, there is no plate fee, and we can print in full color on our white tyvek stock, ordered in quantities of 50 as opposed to our minimum of 500 with the black ink version.

  • Q:  Can I write on the wristbands with a permanent marker?

    We have tested this! 

    Tyvek: Yes, no bleed through, no smearing, dries on contact due to the paper-like material.

    Plastic/Vinyl/Silicone: Not recommended – smears quite a bit. Doesn’t dry on contact.

    Cloth: Not recommended.

  • Q:  Are any of your wristbands recyclable?


    Tyvek wristbands are recyclable under a program offered by DuPont (the creators of Tyvek material), more info can be found here.

    Both Plastic and Vinyl wristbands are recyclable under a #4 recycling code (Low-density polyethylene), which means they fall under the same category as plastic bags, soap dispenser bottles or plastic tubes. 

    Now you know!