Yellow Wristbands

Yellow Wristband Meaning

Yellow wristbands can have a variety of meanings. Yellow silicone wristbands are often used to show support for cancer research after Livestrong and Nike famously launched their yellow Livestrong bracelet campaign in 2004. Yellow bracelets and wristbands are also used to show support for war veterans and troops, especially in the US.

Yellow is also used to represent a complex array of emotions. In colour psychology it is seen to be uplifiting and illuminating, and often represents feelings of hope, cheerfulness, and optimism. It is very reminiscent of various elements of nature, such as the sun, daffodils, lemons, canaries, and bees, but can also represent disease or illness,cowardice, and egoism, according to Color Matters.

In hospitals, yellow wristbands (or medical alert bracelets) with the letter F are used to identify patients who are at risk of falling, such as the elderly.

More Yellow Wristbands

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