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Its been a long time since I started my internet marketing career.  It was after a short stint of an unsuccessful attempt at selling life insurance that I decided I wanted to put my marketing degree to better use and started up my first internet marketing company.  The year was 2001, and the website was

Who didn’t want to be a part of the dot com excitement? You could take an idea, raise some money and become a billionaire in under a year (business degree optional).  OK, so maybe a couple of people lost a few trillion dollars when it all collapsed… but really, in the early 2000s the internet was ripe with untouched opportunities.  Everywhere you looked there were new ways to make money and all it took was someone crazy enough to see it through.

Our founding team quickly grew to about 12 people housed inside our mini-storage building turned office, which also served as accommodation for many of us.  We powered through the ups and downs of a dot com start-up, having a lot of fun and learning a ton along the way.  Some of the early highlights included working on social media projects pre-Friendster, selling our first online ticket and deciding that ecommerce might just work and watching this little website called Google take on the mighty Alta Vista.  Some of our older projects included,,,, and the Massive Tech Show.

While we started out marketing nightclubs, we’ve evolved now into a collection of services including online ticket & wristband printing, online ticketing ( and web/design and internet marketing services.  We’ve always been passionate about special events and music and we stay true to our roots by keeping this as our focus.

In this new myZone blog, we’ll be talking about ways that we help YOU bring your events to life.  We’ll be reporting on cutting edge event marketing technologies and help you take advantage of them.  We’ll also be showcasing successful event producers to find out what is working for them and uncover the lessons they’ve learned along their path to success.  We like to think that we’ve learned a little something about event marketing over the past 13 years and are excited to share that with you.

Here’s to a successful, event-packed year!

Mike Schwarz
CEO, myZone Media Inc.

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