Event Web Design

Event-based web site components

Event listings:

Event listings can be powered by ticketZone feed, Facebook feed, clubZone feed, or entered directly through your site administration. We save your time and give you great flexibility in the process.

Photo galleries:

What better way to show your visitors awesome time people are having at your events then through galleries of images! Also can be uploaded directly to your site or powered by clubZone/Facebook feed


Want to add people to guestlists and enable them to enroll to your guestlist themselves? No problem, we got you covered.

ticketZone integration:

Build up conversions on your ticket sales! We will integrate ticketZone ticket sales right there on your event details page via HTML widget, or send customer to white labeled ticket sales page through HTML button. Sit back and relax while conversions go up!

Search Engine Optimization:

All our websites have SEO in mind from the ground up.  All URL’s, title & meta tags are easily controlled by you, and with the help of our SEO experts we can get your website perfectly optimized for search engines.  All sites come standard with a blog where we recommend that you regularly produce unique content to drive search traffic and keep your visitors engaged.


Integrate a YouTube channel directly with your site, then update YouTube and your website in one shot.  Photo galleries can be powered by your favourite photo platform (ie: Flickr / clubZone), or uploaded directly to your site.


All sites are designed with mobile in mind, and automatically adjust to the correct browser type.  No need to produce expensive web apps or alternate mobile versions of your content.  From Android to iPhone and everything in between, your content will look great on mobile too!

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