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clubZone has developed a long-standing reputation as a leader in the world of event ticketing and promotion. In the buildup to this action packed party season, and with Halloween right around the corner, the team at clubZone decided that we could come up with something even better than what our clients were used to. We decided to redesign our website to stay ahead of the curve, giving our clients that extra push to help with the numerous events taking shape as we move into the season of wild Halloween and New Years Eve events. This fall, the website has been given a complete makeover, and the new is up and running, and even more user friendly than before. Equipped with a simple and pleasing appearance, easy navigation, and a variety of tools to make each event, venue, and promoter’s page unique, we would like to introduce you to the new, and highlight some of the great, new features we have developed especially for you.


Home Pages For Each City

Although we live in a highly mobile society, and many of our clients are avid travellers who follow events and parties to a variety of destinations, the average user will likely be drawn at first to events taking place in their more immediate surroundings. The new makes browsing through nearby events easier than ever before with newly redesigned home pages for each major city. You can either search your chosen city from the main page, or simply scroll down to the section “Top party cities.” From here, you can pick from a long list of cities in both Canada and America. This feature saves the user a lot of time, by filtering out only events in the city they choose. Not to mention, it prevents the heartache associated with having to scroll through tons of events that sound great, but are no where near where the user is trying to get their party on.

Each city’s home page provides a quick snapshot of how and where that city parties. Here, users can find event listings, purchase tickets, surf through party photos, and immerse themselves in the hot events happening in each city. This is made even easier by the “Hot This Week” feature at the top right of each city’s home page. In this section, the hottest events are hand picked each week, leaving no question as to where the best events will be taking place. Users can immediately access more detailed information about events, and reach the event page to purchase tickets if they would like.

Immediately below the “Hot This Week” section is the “Hot Promoters” section. Here pays homage to the best names in the event promotion industry. Promoters who actively use clubZone may even recognize themselves in this section. It is a great way to find out who’s who in the actively developing event promotion world. It’s also a great tool to attract traffic to the other events being put on by hot promoters, or for users to follow their favorite promoters and see what they are getting into next. Clicking on a promoter in this section takes the user to a list of other events they are putting on, which makes it easier than ever to flow from event to event, engaging a more consistent following of potential customers.

Below the “Hot Promoters” section is another section that promoters and venue owners and operators will love, the “Featured Places” section. Here, highlights the hottest night clubs, bars, concert halls, and other venues in each city. The user can easily access detailed descriptions of each venue, as well as a listing of events taking place at each one. Everyone has their favorites when it comes to venues, and is making it easier than ever to stay up to date on what is happening at each one. It also encourages users to try out new venues, by exposing them to venues they may have never even heard of.

Finally, each city has a section called “Recent Blog Posts.” Here, users are drawn to a variety of articles that are unique to These articles can revolve around just about anything. Many are written for specific events in specific cities, and include artist information, venue information, and other relevant and interesting info that users purchasing tickets may want to know before they commit to an event. There are also seasonal articles, discussing topics directly related to specific holidays such as Halloween or New Years Eve. Some articles go even more in depth on a specific topic, featuring photographs, interview excerpts, and more exclusive clubZone content. Regardless of what the article is about, the blog posts featured here are all packed with important information, and help increase the flow of traffic around the site, directing users to artists, venues, and events that they will love.

Within each city’s home page, there is also an opportunity to narrow searches even further. Events within each city are organized by neighborhood, as well as by venue type. This way, users who want to see what’s going on in specific areas of the city can quickly access that information, instead of sifting through event listings that take place in areas they are not interested in going to. The same idea goes for venue types. Some people prefer to party in huge, open venues, while others prefer a more intimate atmosphere. Night clubs are the first choice for many partiers, while others may prefer a good, old fashioned bar or pub experience. Regardless of where users want to end up, the new has them covered.


Easier Event Management

The new makes creating and managing your events easier than ever before. Promoters can now access their admin page at all times from the top right corner of the page. When you click on your name, you will be directed to an admin page that allows you to manage all aspects of your account. Here you can edit your profile, quickly create events, view photos, see your stats, manage guest lists, and much more.

From this page, promoters can create an event and have it up and running in a matter of minutes. There is also the option for users to add tags to their events, which can be easily selected or deleted from a drop down menu. These tags make for better SEO, grabbing traffic from Google based on important keywords, and bringing more traffic to each event listing. This increases exposure, and allows you to sell more tickets to each event. Event fliers and photos can also be easily added to the event page, attracting more customers and making your event pages pop!

Promoters can also custom create guest lists for each of their events. Here, they can invite specific individuals to events, and approve or deny requests from other users. This is extremely useful for events with limited space, or for those events that are only for VIPs, close friends, or other specific groups. Of course, that’s not to say that you need to be very picky with your guest list. You can also use it simply as a tool to gauge attendance, or get a better idea as to who will be coming to each event.


Now, Go Explore!

This article highlights only a few of the new and improved features that you will find on Of course, if you need any more information or have any questions about the new site, we would be more than glad to help. Please contact your account manager with any requests for further info, quick questions, comments, or anything else regarding your account at We are very excited about all of the new things happening on our website, and we hope that you are too!

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