Contactless Ticketing

Contractless Ticketing

Reduce the risk of COVID-19
community transmission with

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Paper free

Great for the enviroment


No contact, reduces the risk of virus transmision.


Much faster than reviewing paper tickets. Speeds up admission lines.

How It Works

Your customers can download E-Tickets and Receipt by either downloading
them straight from your confirmation email or by following these steps:

Step 1

Ticket(s) are purchased

Step 2

Tickets are sent to customers email

Step 3

Customer's are able to easily open their tickets for contactless scanning

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you we had a wonderful time and felt you did a fantastic job with contactless entry."


"Whoever came up with this idea - I am so grateful. I was getting so bored staying indoors. There were the perfect amount of people to where we felt safe."


"Thank you very much you guys are great and have shown a great deal of excellence in providing this service during these strange times."


"I’ve visited several times now. I felt safe being there and the pricing is very fair. Bless you."


"Thanks so much for offering this service! We’ll be back!"


Ready to implement contactless ticketing at your venue?