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Welcome to the myZone Media event marketing blog.  Watch this space for our top tips on how to bring your events to life. We will be using this site to discuss the latest marketing technologies and showcase some of the world’s most successful event producers. Make sure you drop by regularly, and get ready to craft the most powerful event marketing strategy possible!


Sell new year tickets

New Year's Eve Marketing Tips & Strategies

New Year’s Eve 2017 is just around the corner, and we are well aware of how crazy things are for anyone in the event industry right now. Whether you are still in the process of bringing all the movi
erp for small business

myZone's Guide to ERP for Event Professionals

Take back control of your business, free up your time and boost your team's productivity by up to 100%. Harness the unlimited power of ERP software today.

The Who, What, Why and How of Social Media Ambassador Software

Let’s face it; keeping up with the changing trends behind social media and online advertising can be a headache to say the least, especially for event marketing professionals. It seems that every ye

Get Extra Exposure for Your Seasonal Events with a Ranking Boost

Looking for an easy way to increase your seasonal event ticket sales? myZone is offering a product to help you sell more tickets any time you want a little extra push; the  ranking boost. Read on to

Chargebacks: Understanding the Essentials

If you’ve done business with us before, you’ve probably hear the term “chargeback” thrown around (it’s the reason that part of event payouts are held for 60 days). If you

Email Management Tips for Event Marketing Professionals

Stop drowning in your inbox by following these simple steps to better email management!

The Importance of Maintaining a Blog for Your Business

Click here to find out how a maintaining a blog can help you improve your SEO, interact with your customers, build your brand, and much more!

Task Management Made Simple with Asana

Click here for a quick look at task management software and how it can dramatically improve your team's productivity and communication.

Tips for Buying Talent: Interview with Scott Emslie, Wet Ape Productions

We sat down with Scott Emslie, owner of Wet Ape Productions, to expose his top tips for booking talent for an event.
The ins and outs of SEO.

Talking SEO with Mike Schwarz, CEO myZone Media Inc.

Click here for an in-depth look at the changing landscape of SEO, and how to stay ahead of the game.

Talking Event Marketing with Joey Gibbons, Founder of Gibbons Hospitality Group

Click here for our exclusive interview with Joey Gibbons, President of Gibbons Hospitality Group, and his top tips for anyone working in event marketing or the events industry.

The Future of Event Photography

High quality event photography has the ability to capture one-of-a-kind moments and preserve them forever, letting those in attendance relive their memories years later and giving those who were absen

The Importance of Documentation

Here at myZone we’ve written several articles related to outsourcing and how to manage small teams for maximum productivity. One of the key factors to accomplish both of these is effective documenta

Google's New Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm

On April 21, 2015 Google rolled out a new update to their ranking algorithm that will give mobile-friendly sites a boost in their mobile search results. In an announcement on their webmaster blog Goog

Case Study: The Rise of Experiential Events

Click here for an in-depth look at experiential events and why they are becoming increasingly popular all around the world.

How To Use Outsourcing To Keep Your Labour Costs in Check

If you're ready to expand your team, you should seriously consider the power of outsourcing. Click here to find out how it's done.

Introducing: The Featured Event Boost

Every day, tens of thousands of visitors turn to clubZone as their quintessential nightlife guide. Whether browsing on their desktop computer or one of our mobile apps, the first place they end up is

The Biggest Players in The Event Ticketing Industry

So, you’re planning for your next big event and you think you’ve got everything figured out. The venue is booked and ready to go, you’ve hired security and even confirmed the lineup.

The Scoop on RFID Wristbands and Cashless Ticketing

Ticket retailers and festival organizers have thrown around terms like “RFID” and “cashless ticketing” for the last few years, but exactly what these are and how they can be useful to you is n

Team Managament: Organize Your Small Team to do Big Things

Don't let limited resources stop you from achieving big. Click here for a detailed look at how to effectively manage a small team and boost your company's productivity.

Client Feature: Vancity Buzz's Brand New Website Design

Vancity Buzz is Vancouver’s primary online source for local news and entertainment. As a leader in their industry, it is important for them to keep their website user-friendly and elegant, which is

Get Our Top Five Event Marketing Services for The Price of Just Two!

If your event marketing efforts have been limited by your budget, we've got great news for you; you can now get your hands on myZone Media's top five event marketing services for the price of just two

How To Quickly Create Cost-Effective YouTube Video Advertisements to Promote Your Event

We've found Youtube video remarketing to be one of the most powerful and most overlooked event marketing techniques. The only downside is that it can get really expensive. Read on to find out how to c

2015 Event Marketing and Ticketing Trends

The tech world is literally exploding, and it can be hard to stay on top of all the changes. We sat down and talked to some of our biggest clients, partners, suppliers, and staff to get their take on

How to Find Out Everything About Your Customers in Just 4 Minutes

"How to Find Out Everything About Your Customers In Just Four Minutes" explains the best way to track your customers and find out valuable marketing information by using Facebook Custom Audiences. Tra

Improve Your Event Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

Effective event marketing is a great way to sell more tickets without extra effort. This article details five easy steps to follow for better, and sometimes cheaper, event marketing that will help you

Event Marketing: How to Create a Real Buzz Around Your Next Event

If you're looking to update your event marketing strategy and create real hype around your next event, make sure you click here for an in-depth look at one of the most successful marketing approaches

Get Extra Exposure for Your Events!

Do you want more traffic to your event? This document explains your options for advertorial (articles), social media push (sponsored posts), and Facebook powered contests to help you sell more tickets

Monitor Your Business Through Google Analytics

We’re constantly striving to improve client experiences with our products, whether with ticketing or advertising. In order to better help you, we’ve recently launched an advanced Google Analytics

Why You Should Post Your Seasonal Events Now!

You may think its too early in the year to be posting your Halloween & NYE event(s) online, especially if you haven’t ironed out the details yet. But here are 8 great advantages of posting them earl
This article examines some of our top nightclub website design ideas

Nightclub Website Design Ideas: A Must-Have Checklist

When you are creating a a new website for a nightclub or nightlife venue, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. To help you get started, we've combined our top nightclub website desig
find out the best ways to sell tickets online

How to Sell Tickets Online

As an event promoter, you've got plenty of options on how to sell tickets on the internet, which is exactly why we wrote this article. We went ahead and compared some of the most popular ticketing pla
nightclub marketing

Nightclub Marketing Made Easy With myZone

So, you’re running a venue in a major city and you want to know some nightclub marketing tactics to help boost your club’s reputation and attract more customers through the door of your club. myZo

What's New With clubZone NG

clubZone has developed a long-standing reputation as a leader in the world of event ticketing and promotion. In the buildup to this action packed party season, and with Halloween right around the corn
clubzone's responsive design and seo features can help you boost web traffic to your own site. Find out how!

4 Ways clubZone’s SEO Efforts Can Boost Your Own Site Traffic

clubZone's responsive design and SEO efforts can help you boost web traffic to your own website. Pretty neat right? Find out more here.
refine your remarketing strategy today

Remarketing: Excluding Some Customers is Key!

If you are using remarketing, it is vital that you stay focused and only target specific customers. If not, you are wasting your money. Click here for more info, and refine your remarketing strategy t
mobile marketing is one of the most important considerations for new event promoters

Mobile Retargeting Is Now the Rule, Not the Exception

If you're website is not optimized for mobile, you are way behind the eight ball. the mobile world is exploding, and you should be doing everything to ensure that your customers are having the most mo

Marketing Insider: PPC

If you want to increase your online sales, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is something you absolutely cannot afford to ignore. Learn valuable tips to help you get the best return on your investment.

How to Use Remarketing to Increase Ticket Sales

Remarketing is a powerful new revolution in online marketing that allows you to track customers who've recently viewed your site and retarget them with ads. We'll show you how to use it effectively.

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