Get Extra Exposure for Your Seasonal Events with a Ranking Boost

Looking for an easy way to increase your seasonal event ticket sales? myZone is offering a product to help you sell more tickets any time you want a little extra push; the  ranking boost. Read on to find out more about how ranking boosts can help your event ticket sales hit your targets quickly and effectively.

What is a Ranking Boost?

A ranking boost injects your event with extra points to help it climb up the ladder of clubZone’s complex ranking algorithm. They start at a base of $250 for 250 ranking points, and are available for purchase in 250 point increments beyond that.

As soon as October hits, and even earlier in many cases, the market is quickly flooded with thousands of Halloween and New Year’s Eve events, with more and more being added each day. One day you could be on top of all the seasonal event lists, and then you could suddenly plummet to the middle of the pack overnight as ticket sales and page views continuously fluctuate.

That’s why the ranking boost is such a great tool to have at your disposal. It can be bought and used as many times as you’d like at any point throughout the holiday season. There are plenty of benefits to buying ranking boosts for your seasonal events. We’ll outline some of the most important below.

Guaranteed Results

When you purchase a ranking boost, you get the peace of mind that you’re buying a product with guaranteed results. Ticket sales, page views, and word of mouth exposure are all things that can be complicated to secure, and not easily bought. With a ranking boost, you know that your money is actually going to result in a higher placement in the top events hierarchy on, and ideally all of those things will follow.

A ranking boost can be just the kick your event needs to give it the initial exposure that will eventually become self-generating. Once you get a batch of ticket sales, more are sure to follow as customers’ friends decide that they want to be where the action is.

Use It Anytime

A ranking boost is an awesome tool to have at your disposal because it can be used at any time, giving that crucial injection of exposure right when you need it. Wanna launch your event and immediately establish dominance in the Halloween/NYE event market with quick ticket sales? Set up your ranking boosts now and get those customers to commit early.

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself slipping a little in the rankings lately, as more and more events are added closer to each holiday and the elusive #1 ranking can be a fickle mistress.

Or, if you’re getting into the last days leading up the event and your sales aren’t quite where you’d like them to be, use your ranking boost at the end! It’s a great last minute way to breach the gap to event sell-out status, draw in those few stragglers who have been waiting to buy their tickets until the last minute, or to push you from Page 2 to Page 1 of the most popular seasonal events on clubZone.


Looking to purchase ranking boosts for your upcoming Halloween and New Year’s events? Just click here to get in touch with a myZone team member who will be happy to help you amp up your seasonal event ticket sales.  If you haven’t yet posted tickets online, you can do so at

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