How to Use Remarketing to Increase Ticket Sales

What exactly is remarketing? We’re glad you asked!

Display network remarketing is an exciting feature that allows you to effectively target curious potential customers by analyzing viewing patterns and applying the data through advertising. This new marketing tool allows us to track customers who have recently viewed your venue or event pages and target them with banner advertisements, promoting your events across the whole Google display network. This allows for highly targeted marketing towards a specific audience that has already shown an interest in your special event. Remarketing targets the delayed buyers or browsers, converting pageviews into more tickets sold!

Remarketing gives you the ability to follow customers who have already visited your website around the internet with image advertising. Ultimately, the idea is that they will be more inclined to purchase your tickets after having seen so many awesome ads.

Remarketing can be targeted based on the following criteria:

  1.  The client’s website: With this option, we provide you with a unique Google remarketing code to insert on every page of your own website. Every time a new visitor hits the website that contains the code, it adds to the potential database of consumers targeted by remarketing.
  2. customers: We already track every visitor that has ever been to using Google Analytics, enabling us to utlize existing clubZone site traffic and user data to target your potential audience. By tracking all traffic to the site, not just ticket purchasers, remarketing provides a cost effective way to get the greatest potential for return on your advertising budget. For example, if you want to reach every visitor who lives within 50km or Toronto, you can get started with that instantly.

For both of the above options, be sure to use geographic targeting so ads only show up to people who live within X km of the event, allowing for the best chance that your ads will be seen by your desired demographic.

For more information on our remarketing programs and how to get started using this awesome service, please contact your sales rep or account manager.

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