Why You Should Post Your Seasonal Events Now!

8 great advantages of posting them early

You may think its too early in the year to be posting your Halloween & NYE event(s) online, especially if you haven’t ironed out the details yet. But here are 8 great advantages of posting them early:

SEO benefits– Establish your URL early and start ranking in Google searches.Based on keyword analysis from Google, we can see people are actively searching forseasonal events 12 months a year.
Extra trac– The more places you can be found on clubZone, the better. For example, customers looking at your Halloween event are able to directly click through to your other event/venue listings from that one page. So, post your seasonal event now to get more people looking at YOUR events.
Early viral word-of-mouth– Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool for any seasonal event. If you manage to convince even just a few early birds to buy tickets now, they’ll be spending the rest of the year convincing everyone in their social group to join them at YOUR event. How’s that for free marketing?
Ranking advantages– Since the clubZone event ranking system is based on ticket sales, page views, and bounties, having your tickets online early will give you a significant ranking advantage against those who post their events later:
Halloween is on a Saturday– When people expect things to sell out, they buy online earlier. Everyone’s expectations this year will be for a very early sell-out to Halloween, so make sure you maximize your potential number of ticket sales by posting your event now.
New Year’s Eve Long Weekend– With NYE on a Thursday, and Friday the stat holiday, New Year’s is finally on a great day of the week! This will lead to higher ticket prices and much earlier sales/sell-outs, so make sure you’re ahead of your competition!
Maximize your profits– If you can sell a lot of tickets early on in the game, you have more flexibility to raise your prices sooner and increase your profit margins.
$1000 credit– Just in case the above 7 reasons weren’t enough for you, if you post your event before March 1st, we’ll give you a $1000 marketing ad credit that you can use as you wish. You are welcome!

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