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Black clubZone Event Tickets

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Black clubZone Event Tickets offer top of the line security features and are the perfect low-cost option for your upcoming nightlife event.

Each ticket is custom designed for you by our expert design team and printed on the highest quality ticket stock with advanced security features – all at industry leading prices.

Compare for yourself: Classic & clubZone Event Tickets

Product Specs

  • 2" x 5.5"
  • 568 x 1018
  • Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, and Red


Price per band.

  • $37.95/box
  • $45.50/box
  • $57.95/box
  • $0.10/unit
  • $0.09/unit
  • $0.08/unit
  • $0.07/unit
  • $0.06/unit
  • $0.05/unit
  • $0.05/unit
  • $0.04/unit

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