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How to Sell Tickets Online

As an event organizer, you have an abundance of options when it comes to selling tickets online. Different companies offer different prices and services; the key is to know which one works best for you. Fortunately, we went right ahead and did the work for you, by compiling a comprehensive guide on how to sell tickets online and comparing different options and the pros and cons of each one.


sell tickets online option 1 paypal

Sell Tickets Online with PayPal



Working with PayPal has a few advantages for event promoters. Their services are relatively cheap, starting at 5.4% + 30 cents per transaction and decreasing to 4.4% for high volume merchants. They also have good brand recognition, so customers trust their services.


The functions PayPal offers for event organizers are quite basic, unless you are tech savvy and know how to configure extra features yourself. There is no easy way to configure promo codes, reserved seating or white label ticketing. Each event has to be set up individually, which can quickly become a hassle. You also lose branding opportunities, as PayPal directs customers directly to their site to complete payment.


If you’re looking for a cheap solution for a one-time small event, PayPal could be the right choice for you. But if you are interested in setting up more sophisticated features without giving yourself a headache, PayPal is probably not the best way to sell event tickets online.

sell tickets online option 2 ticketmaster

Sell Tickets Online with Ticketmaster



Like PayPal, Ticketmaster has widespread name recognition, which puts customers at ease. They also specialize in huge events that take place in sports arenas or concert halls, so if you’re throwing an event for 10,000+ people Ticketmaster might be the way to go.


On the downside, Ticketmaster charges some of the highest service fees and setup fees in the ticket selling industry. Their rates are not competitive, which can really impact your profit margins. They have lots of exclusive contracts with large venues, so as an event promoter you might be legally obligated to use their services (whether you want to or not).


If you’re planning a large-scale event or are using a location that is contractually tied to Ticketmaster, then using their services to sell your tickets online is an option to consider.

sell tickets online option 3 ticketzone

Sell TIckets Online with TicketZone



Our client and customer service. When you sign up with us, you get personalized and individual support. Each event organizer has a dedicated account manager and sales rep, so when you have a request, you know exactly who to turn to. You never have to worry about explaining your business over and over again to someone new. Your personal account manager knows how your business works and will often fix issues before you even become aware of them. Your account manager can also help you set up events, manage your settings, and generally make sure your event runs smoothly.

Here’s what one of our newest clients has to say about our customer service:

“Prestige Nightlife has been a proud & exclusive ticketZone/myZone client for just more than a quarter of this year. It has been astonishing, how in such a short amount of time our team has all Fallen In LOVE! The level of care, service, professionalism and prompt responses have been fantastic. This has enabled our organization to not only save revenue on services but generate more revenue with the tools and support provided in Marketing by myZone. Our only regret has been that we wish we had signed up to the myZone family years earlier.”


Our technology. White label ticketing allows you to customize your tickets and check out page to match your aesthetics and build your brand without any extra effort. Our new ticket sales Facebook app allows customers to buy tickets directly through your Facebook event page.

After driving all of these sales with your white label tickets and Facebook app, you can use your independent merchant account to set up fast payments and receive cash deposited into your bank account every 24 hours.

Finally, to keep track of all of these sales, ticketZone gives you full access to your marketing data. By using our Stats package you can track very specific demographic information about your top clientele, and use that info to generate more sales.

demographics 1

demographics 2

We also have High Volume Ticketing Software, Payment Plan Options, an Online Box Office, Mobile Ticketing, Varied Ticketing Options, and Ticket Pricing Incentives, to name a few.

Pros: Our prices. TicketZone offers competitively low prices to sell tickets online.

Cons: When you use ticketZone, you sell more tickets. When you sell more tickets, you save money. And when you have extra money, you need to figure out how to spend it. Building your brand recognition? Giving all your employees a bonus? Organizing a company retreat to the Bahamas? All of these tough decisions can be stressful. And we would like to apologize for causing you stress.

Conclusion: ticketZone is a great solution for small-large event producers interested in saving money & time while selling tickets online.

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