Gold Wristbands

Gold Wristband Meaning

According to an article by Blur Group, gold most commonly expresses luxury and tradition. A post by Tuned In adds that gold reflects wealth and status, and is often used in marketing/advertising by companies who want to allign with those values.

Gold event wristbands are commonly used to identify VIP guests or to match the colour scheme or theme of an event (such as at New Year’s Eve parties). Sports teams and charities often give away gold silicone wristbands as promotional material or to raise awareness.

More Gold Wristbands

Didn’t find what you needed? Unfortunately, myZone only stocks gold event wristbands. Use the links below to find other types of gold wristbands, such as chains and bracelets, from trusted retailers.

  1. Gold bracelets at Tiffany & Co.
  2. Gold charm bracelets at Ebay.
  3. Gold chains at Amazon.