Green Custom Plastic Wristbands

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myZone green custom plastic wristbands are comfortable, stretch-resistant, and use a one-time locking snap for security. Our green custom plastic wristbands are available in a wide range of colors and we can optionally customize your order with logos, graphics, and custom text. These wristbands posses a vibrant shade of green that is perfect for when you want high visibility wristbands that can easily be spotted in a crowd! Made from durable, water and stretch resistant plastic, these wristbands are great for extended wear, and are a secure, cost-effective admissions solution. Our custom plastic wristbands will ship in just 10 business days!

Product Specs

  • 12 Full Business Days
  • 10" (25cm)
  • 5/8" (1.59cm)
  • 10+ Days
  • 4.5" x 0.55"
  • 11.4cm x 1.3cm


Available in increments of 500 only. Price per band.

  • $0.14/unit
  • $0.13/unit
  • $0.13/unit
  • $0.12/unit
  • $0.12/unit
  • $0.10/unit
  • $0.10/unit

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