Holographic Silver Plastic Wristbands

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Don’t care about customization, and just need your hologram wristbands fast? We have a wide variety of colors in stock and can ship out within 24h of your order!  Free ground shipping available on orders > $100. Made from durable, water and stretch resistant plastic, these wristbands are great for extended wear, and a secure, cost-effective admissions solution. Our plain hologram plastic wristbands can be shipped within 24 hours (excluding weekends), while custom hologram wristbands will ship in 10 business days.

Product Specs


  • $66.95/per box
  • $63.95/per box
  • $61.95/per box
  • $60.95/per box
  • $53.95/per box
  • $53.95/per box

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