A Quick Guide to Recruiting Abroad For Event Professionals

When working in the events industry, attracting a highly qualified and dedicated team of staff is one of the most essential factors for achieving success. Having a strong, motivated, and productive team will help you turn your grand ideas and plans into a reality, and will make it easier to juggle the many moving pieces of producing, managing, or marketing an event/events.
The recruiting strategies that you employ will largely determine the quality of your employees, and here at myZone (ticketZone, myZone Printing), through many years of experience developing our own recruitment strategies, we have crafted an exceptionally useful process for recruiting abroad that has worked for us time and time again, and is liable to work for you and your event company as well. So, read on as we take you through our process and strategy for recruiting abroad, and feel free to get in touch with us for more details.

How Recruiting Abroad Can Work For You

Recruiting abroad can prove to be an extremely lucrative option for developing a top notch team of staff that works within your budget. Many web-based event companies don’t require their team to operate out of the same location; meetings can be taken via Skype or other online services such as GoToMeeting, and further instructions and communication can be relayed via e-mail or task management software such as Asana. Make sure you follow this link more info on online task management.

In such circumstances, your business has the option to tap in to a pool of talent far larger than the city or general location you are operating out of. By recruiting abroad you are increasing your pool of potential workers by a substantial margin.

The “Americasourcing” Recruitment Process

One of the most effective tools for recruiting abroad is a process know colloquially as “Americasourcing”. The method consists of seeking out English speaking natives from countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia or England who have migrated abroad to countries in Europe, South America, Asia or anywhere else on the globe, in pursuit of an alternative setting or lifestyle.

These expatriates are liable to prove equally if not more dedicated and professional than workers living in English speaking countries, while at the same time requiring less financial reimbursement by virtue of a lower cost of living in the locations which they reside.

While the ‘Americasourcing’ technique proves to be an effective hiring procedure for those jobs requiring formal knowledge of the English language (such as writers, PR reps, brand ambassadors, etc) most online businesses also host positions that necessitate only a cursory understanding of English, or might not even require any understanding of the language at all.

In such instances, by recruiting abroad, our pool of potential candidates for design or technical oriented work increases exponentially. Design oriented workers from India, Europe or South America may all be pursued as staff members and are liable to prove themselves as skillful, efficient assets to your team. With this in mind, it is easy to see how recruiting abroad is one of the most lucrative recruitment strategies that any business can employ in order to increase productivity while maximizing ROI.

Our Process For Recruiting Abroad

Of course, as with any discipline, recruiting abroad requires an informed and comprehensive plan of action in order for the process to achieve its maximum potential. Here at myZone we have been developing our own recruitment strategies for years and have determined a cohesive plan of action for recruiting only the best fitting candidates, which has proved successful for ourselves as well as our clients time and time again.

Below we’ve outlined some of our major points of focus when we prepare to recruit abroad:

  • Refining and Optimizing Job Listings: Ensuring that the job listing is as detailed and specific as possible, with key requirements emphasized, and a proper, professional rhetoric employed in order to attract the best possible candidates to the position.
  • Discussing client expectations to be met: When recruiting for clients, we partake in a comprehensive discussion of their skill requirements, company values and any other specific needs in order to ensure that we only pursue those candidates who display the most fitting attributes to the company ethos.
  • Exhaustive dissemination of job listings via the web: Mobilizing a thorough and diverse multitude of online platforms such as LinkdIn, Workopolis, Monster and many more, in order to ensure that our job listings achieve maximum web-reach and permeate the full scope of the worldwide digital labour market.
  • Attending expatriate networking events and actively head-hunting for relevant candidates: Taking every opportunity to explore the global worker’s market in a deliberate and targeted fashion, remaining up to date with, and subsequently partaking in, digital as well as physical assemblies that are liable to contain proficient expatriate workers.
  • Reviewing Candidate Applications: Performing a rigorous and formal inspection of all candidate applications in order to refine our search for the perfect fit.
  • Conducting screening interviews with top-grading questions: Employing comprehensive, state of the art interview methods in order to determine the most proficient and reliable candidates that match our clients’ stated criteria.
  • Introducing top-tier candidates to our clients: Finally, handing only the creme de la creme of all reviewed candidates over to our clients for their own consideration.
  • Coaching clients in negotiation and interview/hiring best practices: To ensure that our clients get the most out of their hiring, we help them to develop the most effective negotiation and interview practices based on our own years of tried and true experience.

Using the process outlined above, we have successfully recruited dozens of employees in various countries around the globe and in Argentina in particular, finding quintessential fits for customer service roles, Account Mangers, Sales Representatives, Marketing Managers, Copy Writers, Social Media Coordinators, Virtual Assistants, Content Coordinators, and more.

We have a recruitment specialist on the ground who actively attends networking events and maintains a thorough understanding of the unique idiosyncrasies of the Argentinian expatriate job market.

Anyone can post a job ad on Craigslist, but the idea is to take the quality and efficiency of employee recruitment strategies to a whole new level, while using professional expertise to make the process pain-free and easy.

We have also invested years of experience into providing interactive and customizable training processes for the various roles we mentioned above. This means that once we have decided upon a candidate for a particular position, we can simply send them their unique training program which they can work through in their own time. This works extremely well in remote work environments such as ROWE, as the new hire is given the freedom to work through their training when they feel most motivated and productive.

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We hope you have found our brief discussion of the benefits of recruiting abroad to be an informative and insightful read that gives you much food for thought, and helps inspire you to take your own business to the next level.

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