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Sell new year tickets

New Year's Eve Marketing Tips & Strategies
Author: myzone

New Year’s Eve 2017 is just around the corner, and we are well aware of how crazy things are for anyone in the event industry right now. Whether you are still in the process of bringing all the movi...
erp for small business

myZone's Guide to ERP for Event Professionals
Author: myzone

Take back control of your business, free up your time and boost your team's productivity by up to 100%. Harness the unlimited power of ERP software today. ...

The Who, What, Why and How of Social Media Ambassador Software
Author: myzone

Let’s face it; keeping up with the changing trends behind social media and online advertising can be a headache to say the least, especially for event marketing professionals. It seems that every ye...

Get Extra Exposure for Your Seasonal Events with a Ranking Boost
Author: myzone

Looking for an easy way to increase your seasonal event ticket sales? myZone is offering a product to help you sell more tickets any time you want a little extra push; the  ranking boost. Read on to ...

Chargebacks: Understanding the Essentials
Author: myzone

If you’ve done business with us before, you’ve probably hear the term “chargeback” thrown around (it’s the reason that part of event payouts are held for 60 days). If you...

Email Management Tips for Event Marketing Professionals
Author: myzone

Stop drowning in your inbox by following these simple steps to better email management!...

The Importance of Maintaining a Blog for Your Business
Author: myzone

Click here to find out how a maintaining a blog can help you improve your SEO, interact with your customers, build your brand, and much more!...

Task Management Made Simple with Asana
Author: myzone

Click here for a quick look at task management software and how it can dramatically improve your team's productivity and communication. ...

Tips for Buying Talent: Interview with Scott Emslie, Wet Ape Productions
Author: myzone

We sat down with Scott Emslie, owner of Wet Ape Productions, to expose his top tips for booking talent for an event. ...